Digital Solutions
and Consultancy

Le Feuvre Media is all about making technology work for you and your business


Make the most of your investment in the NOW platform. Certified and specialise in custom apps and ServicePortal.


Decades of experience with the most popular CMS on the web, from hosting to design and development.


We’ve worked in the technology sector for many years and can use our experience to help you and your business.

ServiceNow development

The NOW platform is a platform for success and we can help you make the most of your investment with custom applications and consultancy services with over seven years of experience.

UI and UX

People use technology, real actual people. These could be your existing or potential customers, or the people that work for you. It doesn’t matter, there’s no excuse for interface design and user experience that doesn’t work, thrill and empower your people.

WordPress design, development & hosting

WordPress is the most popular CMS for websites across the Internet and with proper design and development it can be the ideal solution for you and your business. We offer a complete WordPress solution from design and development through to managed hosting. We’ve worked on hundreds of WordPress based projects and can help you with yours.

Digital consultancy

We’ve worked with many customers who just need to achieve results with their business, be it collaboration tools, e-commerce, digital marketing, adapting to remote working or just needing a way to make something happen. Tech can often be the answer and we can help get you on the right track. Is everything possible? Pretty much.